Nothing is Impossible

A company with a heart for IT-systems and an expert knowledge of data-security.

NiiP - Nothing is impossible

NiiP is a high-tech company that focuses on security and information technology. With state-of-the art software, hardware, and industry expertise, we believe in partnering with customers to create and build solutions that make their systems, processes, and people work better together.

Data Security: With QBKEY everyone is able to use data protection. In just a few simple steps you are able to encrypt your data and store it wherever you want. Scan your finger, select your vault and start encrypting files, it’s that easy.

Digital Signage: At NiiP, we looked at the state of “digital signage” today and decided it needed some serious fixing. We’ve taken everything we’ve learned over the last decade and built a set of software and hardware solutions fit to solve modern day problems. Our goal is to give you a platform on top of which you can build your own solutions. Whether you’re building a distributed advertising system, an intelligent traffic and parking guidance system, or any other digital signage system, our advanced digital signage controllers, and software frameworks will get you started in no time.

Our Premium Solutions


Encrypt your data anywhere. With our hardware and software solution you can store your files safely, anywhere you want without the risk of datatheft.

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Digital Signage Controller

We provide both hardware and software for your Digital Signage needs. The NiiP display controller is optimized for both LED panels and TFT screens.


LoVoN is a standalone sms-gateway. It is capable of sending en receiving SMS using your standard email client and a GSM/GPRS modem.

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